Web Design

If you have a ministry or a small business and believe that a website will help you reach your goals, Anna Martin Designs is here to help. There are many reason why people have websites. One of my favorite characteristics of a website is that it works 24/7, so I don’t have to!

Here are some questions to ponder before our consultation:

  • Why do I feel I need a website?
  • If I had a website, then ________ would happen.
  • I think a website will ___________________.
  • It would be cool if my website could _______________.
Keep in mind that your website is not for you. Your website is for the people that it will connect you to who will help you reach your goals.

Consider the answers to these simple questions before you choose a designer. Spill all your hopes and dreams (and failures) and be honest with your expectations. And then trust the designer that you have chosen (hopefully that is me!) to design you a useful tool that has the potential to change your life.

To receive a quote for a custom WordPress website, complete the form below. I will provide you with instructions (and deals) on domain names and hosting, so do not feel you need that before we get started. And friends don’t let friends buy cheap hosting. So be patient and I will set you up for success.



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