Having a blog can be very useful, if you use it. It adds pages to your website, which tells the search engines you have an active website. Active websites tend to rank better in search engines. It communicates to your visitors and helps them connect to you. As any person that has a blog knows, keeping up with it can be a challenge. One goal I have this year is to post more blog posts. Fortunately, I have been so busy providing excellent services to my clients, I haven’t gotten around to it! Even though I haven’t done so well meeting my blogging goal, I am consistently growing my business and I appreciate you stopping by. Hopefully, you will find something new, and useful!

Janet Martin, One Cool Chick!

Janet Martin, One Cool Chick! Janet Martin is a traveler. She is a song writer, acoustic guitar player and lead singer. And we have the honor of witnessing this talented woman on Saturday, August 10, 2013 at 6:00pm. Janet will be gracing us with her coolness  in South...

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Brittany Marie, My Kinda Girl

Brittany Marie, My Kinda Girl Now, when Bill Slaughter of 29 Promotions shared with me that the August Concert at Boulevard Flower Gardens was going to be lady country singers, I honestly was thrilled. I spent most of my high school and college years listening to the...

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