Having a blog can be very useful, if you use it. It adds pages to your website, which tells the search engines you have an active website. Active websites tend to rank better in search engines. It communicates to your visitors and helps them connect to you. As any person that has a blog knows, keeping up with it can be a challenge. One goal I have this year is to post more blog posts. Fortunately, I have been so busy providing excellent services to my clients, I haven’t gotten around to it! Even though I haven’t done so well meeting my blogging goal, I am consistently growing my business and I appreciate you stopping by. Hopefully, you will find something new, and useful!

Website Redesign of Black Tie Entertainment

When I accepted Black Tie Entertainment of Taylorsville, NC as a new client in December 2013, I wasn’t all that familiar with the world of Mobile Disc Jockey.  They had a website, but it was not visually attractive, which made it look very outdated. Owner, DJ Rick, had been experiencing a big drop in bookings. The contact form didn’t work and he had received advice from another professional that his website was too dark and needed a make-over. After our consult, I knew that I wanted, and could help. This was the website of Black Tie Entertainment: As you can see, it is black. Yes, the company is called Black Tie Entertainment, but their most frequent customers are brides. Weddings are lively, fun, and well, white. The old website did not transfer that well, and sales were suffering. So, our goal was to lighten the website up. DJ Rick expressed his preferred colors to be blue, black and burgundy. So Anna Martin Designs redesigned the website that the owner loves, as well as gives a fun feel that help brides in particular, visualize their own wedding reception as being lively and memorable. Here is the new Black Tie Entertainment website redesign by Anna Martin Designs:   The colors are lighter and less depressing. The library videos has been greatly expanded and the images better portray the actual experience you will have when using the services of Black Tie Entertainment. My favorite part of the redesign is the footer. There we have tons of useful information, including a contact form, reasons why BTE is the best, FAQs, Popular Song lists... read more

Bluehost Web Hosting, Why They Are My Favorite

There are many options out there for website hosting, but one company has continued to stick out to me. They are Bluehost. I ran across this ad on YouTube in search for commentary on the Frances Chan book I am about to start reading and leading with my small group. I have had great success with Bluehost; their entire process from purchasing domain names and hosting packages, to setting up the file manager and designing websites, to troubleshooting, has been a pleasure this year. This video explains the care they take for their customers, and how they handle issues when they arise. It is good to know that my website, and my clients’ websites, will not “go down” without the supportive team of Bluehost doing all they can to prevent and fix server issues. I am glad that I have chosen to be an affiliate of Bluehost. I think it is a good move. Watch the video to see if you... read more

The New has arrived!

The New Has Arrived! Krystal Johnston and her husband Matt, began the journey of entrepreneurship in 2004. Purchasing a children’s fitness franchise felt like the right thing to do to help them reach the goal they had for a healthier work/life balance. From the very beginning, God ordered their steps, made provisions for their family and launched them into business ownership with great success. And they have never looked back. The lives they effect each day; whether it be with their coaches, with the children or adults they instruct, makes every long day worth it. I have never seen someone work so hard at keeping their priorities in order, while blessing the children of God with service and prayer. When Krystal and I began the task of redesigning her website, I have to say I had no clue what I was getting into. is the largest website I have designed so far, and Krystal has been the most involved client I have had to date. She wanted everything to be perfect. Something I very highly respect. I felt like I truly had a partner, someone who cared as much as I did about the outcome.  We had a few speed bumps with deciding on a background, figuring out how to handle enrollments, and discovering complications with how the website displayed on a few versions of Internet Explorer, but we stuck it out and found solutions that work. When I start a project, there are always things that come up unexpectedly. Each issue we encountered was tackled and the finished piece is what Krystal would say, “soooooo... read more


Introducing! Pro Finish Exteriors, LLC is owned by Steven Jones of Mechanicsville, VA. Steven contacted me earlier this year to design his website. During my research, I discovered he already had a website, actually, two of them. He was very specific about what he wanted his website to look like. It was a long process getting the history of his domain name cleaned up, but we persevered and made it through. We finally got to start designing his website, just the way he wanted. Now, it is complete and ready to serve you! Pro Finish Exteriors, LLC is a Family owned and operated, full-service home improvement specialist that has helped homeowners see their dreams become a reality. Visit for the extensive list of their specialties and contact them for a consultation today!... read more

The Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show is Saturday!

The Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show is Saturday! Over the last few months, I have had the privilege of working with Bill Slaughter of 29 Promotions and the Boulevard Flower Gardens in Chesterfield County, VA to promote concerts for the Summer. This weekend is the 2nd concert in the series and it is a big one! Now, I grew up listening to Jimmy Buffett because my parents were fans. Their best friends even had the Margaritaville licenses plate. Now that is dedication. Fans of Jimmy Buffett even have a name, they are called “Parrotheads” and they walk around with their fins on top of their heads. Now as a kid, this was quite fascinating to observe. The excitement over a “Cheeseburger in Paradise” was always my favorite. And I even got to say “damn” during Margaritaville” and I never got in trouble. I learned that sometimes tattoos just appear and people don’t know why. But, I knew “Come Monday”, it would be alright. Oh, the memories. Maybe you have some of those good memories as well. If you want to remember some good times, you should go on down to the Boulevard Flower Gardens on Saturday, July 20th, because they are putting on “America’s #1 Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show!” The highlight of the evening will be “The Buffettman”, Tom Watt. Fortunately for Tom, and for us, he looks and sings like Jimmy Buffett. He has even won an impersonator award for this skills, God given and acquired. Here is his bio from Tom Watt, known to his loyal following as “The Buffettman,” has been dazzling fans around the U.S.... read more

Introducing the Hanover Seafood Mart Website!

Attention Seafood Lovers! You do not have to drive to the Beach for Seafood. Hanover Seafood Mart has all you need for a seafood feast! Hanover Seafood Mart on 301 in Mechanicsville is one fishy place. Really, there are lots of fish there. Crabs too. Lots and lots of crabs. Crab legs, crab muffins, crab salad…basically heaven on earth for crab lovers like myself. They also have clams, fish, lobster, oysters, shrimp and alligator sausage. Need propane for your grill? Yep, they have that too. But even more exciting than crabs is that  Hanover Seafood Mart is now online! Anna Martin Designs had the pleasure of designing their new logo and very informational website. One of my favorite parts about is that it has tons of TIPS on seafood. Check these out: TIPS ON WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN YOU ARE BUYING SEAFOOD: Are You Afraid to Buy Seafood? If you shy away from purchasing fish because you are not sure what to look for, follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be sure to choose the freshest, tastiest seafood available. More… TIPS ON HOW TO STORE FISH ONCE YOU GET IT HOME: How Do I Store My Seafood? Fresh seafood may be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator for one to two days before cooking. Place it on a plate on the lowest shelf so that it does not drip onto other foods. More… TIPS ON HOW TO COOK FISH: The 10-minute Rule for Cooking Fish! As a general rule, fish should be cooked for 10 minutes for every inch of thickness. If your fish is 1/2″ thick, cook... read more

Our Great Experience Working with RW Harper & Son Roofing

Our Great Experience Working with RW Harper & Son Roofing     What a pleasant surprise it was to be contacted by Josh Harper of RW Harper & Son Roofing and Sheet Metal to set up the company’s Facebook page and design the cover image. When Anna Martin Designs was first contacted by RW Harper & Son Roofing, all I knew of Josh was that he was the husband of one of my MUMS friends, Allison.  Allison and I serve on the MUMS leadership team together and we also have children the same age. Working with RW Harper & Son Roofing and Sheet Metal and getting to know Josh was such a pleasure. He has the biggest heart for God and people; it shines through everything he does. I could tell that he was eager about making Richmond residents knowledgeable about the services he offers, especially the emergency roof repair. If you have experienced the need for an emergency roof repair, then you know how stressful it can be.  RW Harper & Son can assist their customers quickly and efficiently, leaving them confident and safe with the job well done. Here is a little history about RW Harper & Son Roofing: RW Harper & Son is in its third generation. Built from the ground up, leadership has transitioned from R.W. Harper, to his son Kennie Harper, to his grandson Josh Harper. It has always been in the family and located at Decatur Road since 1967. RW Harper & Son serves more than Richmond, VA residents and business owners. They also have a strong heart for their community and the world. Their community... read more

Top 5 things this WAHM needs to succeed.

Top 5 things this WAHM needs to succeed. As a WAHM (work at home mom), life is different. Different than say, a stay at home mom or a working mother. Each type of mother faces challenges, and each type has things that make the role more successful. You may agree with me, or have your own list of must-haves; but here are my top 5 things this WAHM needs to succeed. Number 1 ~ Coffee I must confess. I am a coffee junkie. Coffee just makes me feel better. Personally, a cup of coffee relaxes me, helps me focus and gives me energy all at the same time. And I like it sweet. Usually, all I need is flavored creamer; a lot of it though. That is one thing in my house that I hardly run out of. It means more to me that milk and bread. If I can’t start the day with a cup of sweet coffee, I honestly don’t know how the day will go; but I know it won’t be pretty. Number 2  ~ Calendar, color coded if possible Keeping a calendar is the ultimate, tangible tool in being successful as a WAHM. For me, if it is not on the calendar, it is not happening. As you can see from the image, I use colored post-its for each client I am working with. Post-its help because I can move them around. I don’t have time to rewrite things, so I just move the post-it. One thing I have learned also is to use a pencil, because things change. It is inevitable. If I write... read more

Working with Debra Harper

Working with Debra Harper Working with Debra Harper was made possible through a referral of Juda Mason, the mentor mom of my MUMS group. I had just finished listening to Juda’s voicemail and I could not put my hands down or stop smiling as I praised the Lord for this opportunity. The only word I can use to explain the feeling I had was pure joy. You see, I had been seeking through prayer what God wanted to use me for, while He lets me live. I have enjoyed creating things on the computer since my first job at 16 years old. I believe that God uses our experiences for the good of His Kingdom. So, I kept wondering, how is He was going to fit it all together? After I finished the design for the MUMS website, I started to get comments on how talented I was. I thought I was just having fun. Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate the “atta-girls”, but I am more comfortable behind the scenes, making others successful. I can take recognition with grace and thankfulness, but that is never my goal. So that got me thinking…”Am I really good at this?” I started researching what it would take to be a freelance web designer. I did this without the knowledge of my husband, because, even though he is very supportive of my ideas, this one meant a lot to me and I didn’t think I could take the rejection if he didn’t agree. When I told him about Juda’s call, I got my answer. He looked so proud and had the “I... read more


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