What I Do

When someone would ask me what I did, I used to respond with, “I design pretty things”. Though that may still be true, I actually do more than that. I don’t only design pretty things like logos, business cards, graphics and websites for Small Businesses, Ministries and Individuals.  I design to create a reaction in one person that encourages a connection with another person. We all want to connect in some way, and rightfully so. Business, well life really, is all about connecting. Make a connection, make a difference. Now when someone asks me what I do I say that I design creatives for people, so they can connect to people. Oh, and the creatives are pretty.

Who I Serve

For starters, I serve an Awesome God! My business is based on bringing Him Glory and my goal in everything I do stems from that. My clients are usually small businesses, ministries and individuals from all over the world in which I provide Web Design Services. Those services include designing custom logos, business cards, marketing graphics for print and online use, social media graphics, websites and e-commerce websites.  Some clients are located less than 20 minute from me, where others are out of state, or even the country! Yep, Anna Martin Designs is an international company now, so regardless of where you live, I am sure you would fit into the AMD family just fine.

Why You Should Choose Me

You need help. Not with having a website, because you can get a website for free. Just Google it. “Free Website” and bam! Tons of options to choose from. But just because it is free financially, doesn’t mean it is free of stress, or able to help you reach your goals. Most likely your goal is not just to have a website. Your goal in having a website is probably more on the lines of adding more leads, increasing your average sales, connecting you to new clients or donors or voters or volunteers! So yes, a website from one of those big companies may be free, but will it allow your visitors to connect, to listen, to watch, to contact, to register, to opt-in, to donate, to vote, to buy, or to do something of value?

Anna Martin Designs wants to help you do something of value.

I don’t only want to create a beautiful graphic or website for you.

I want to create a graphic or website that bridges you to your goal of _______ (you fill in the blank).

And ________  don’t come for free. If it did, you would already have it.

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