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Web Design Services for Small Businesses, Ministries and Individuals.

What I Do

When someone would ask me what I did, I used to respond with, “I design pretty things”. Though that may still be true, I actually do more than that. I don’t only design pretty things like logos, business cards, graphics and websites for Small Businesses, Ministries and Individuals.  I design to create a reaction in one person that encourages a connection with another person. We all want to connect in some way, and rightfully so. Business, well life really, is all about connecting. Make a connection, make a difference. Now when someone asks me what I do I say that I design creatives for people, so they can connect to people. Oh, and the creatives are pretty.

Who I Serve

For starters, I serve an Awesome God! My business is based on bringing Him Glory and my goal in everything I do stems from that. My clients are usually small businesses, ministries and individuals from all over the world in which I provide Web Design Services. Those services include designing custom logos, business cards, marketing graphics for print and online use, social media graphics, websites and e-commerce websites.  Some clients are located less than 20 minute from me, where others are out of state, or even the country! Yep, Anna Martin Designs is an international company now, so regardless of where you live, I am sure you would fit into the AMD family just fine.

Why You Should Choose Me

You need help. Not with having a website, because you can get a website for free. Just Google it. “Free Website” and bam! Tons of options to choose from. But just because it is free financially, doesn’t mean it is free of stress, or able to help you reach your goals. Most likely your goal is not just to have a website. Your goal in having a website is probably more on the lines of adding more leads, increasing your average sales, connecting you to new clients or donors or voters or volunteers! So yes, a website from one of those big companies may be free, but will it allow your visitors to connect, to listen, to watch, to contact, to register, to opt-in, to donate, to vote, to buy, or to do something of value?

Anna Martin Designs wants to help you do something of value.

I don’t only want to create a beautiful website for you.

I want to create a website that bridges you to your goal of _______ (you fill in the blank).

And ________  don’t come for free. If it did, you would already have it.

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Some Client Experiences…

“Building my website with Anna Martin designs truly proved to be one of my best professional decisions. Anna was able to construct a site that reflected our business’s mission and personality,  without needing lots of guidance and supervision.  She was as efficient as she was thorough,  and the value of service exceeded the cost of service by far. She was prompt, professional and creative, and even took the time to do personal research that allowed her to contribute more valuable information to the site’s content. What was most memorable was when Anna had a medical emergency-someone from the company called me personally to let me know that there would be a brief delay in communication.  No other company has ever made me feel that valuable. I’d recommend Anna Martin designs to any business interested in professional quality on a personal level.”

– Khashana, ALSO (Approved Low Sodium Option)

“Anna was hired to build my company’s website. She was challenged to make a beautiful website that screamed fun for kids but would be appealing to adults. The website had to be functional and tailored to each of our clients needs. While we hit bumps along the way and made changes from our original vision, the end product was topnotch. I have confidence from working with Anna through this process that she cares about my business and will make sure her customers are satisfied. She is a pleasure to do business with!!”

– Krystal, Stretch-n-Grow

“Just want to say how much I love my website that Anna created! She was so attentive to the details and design I had envisioned. It was easy and fun working with her to build my beautiful site, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. She is completely professional, easy to communicate with and aims to please her clients. Her talent is amazing and you can’t go wrong with hiring her to do your work. Thank you!!”

– Chelisa, Sprayology Sunless Tanning

“…You, Anna Martin, have been such a blessing! You took my trash and turned it into treasure! I highly recommend you to anyone who asks about my designer. Your spirit is filled with such love and generosity and through your skill God’s love shines so bright! You are truly living out Matthew 5:13-16, your light has shined upon me and I cannot thank God enough for finding you on Facebook, for liking your page, and for you contacting me! My new website is beautiful, and I could have never even dreamed of having a website so beautiful. I have not found one website pertaining to my craft that is as awesome as the one you, Anna of the mighty Anna Martin Designs, have designed for me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I look forward to the prosperity of Color Me Rainbow because of you. You deserve a one hundred star rating. Thank you!”

– Courtnei, Color Me Rainbow

“Anna is the BEST Graphic Designer around! Anna did an amazing job on my website, my logo recreation in vector format, advertising flyers, and we are now working on a new project! I refer anyone who asks about graphic referrals to her. Anna’s creativity is out of this world! Communication, customer service, final product, pricing, the process – everything is superb! Thank you so much Anna!”

– Courtnei, One Sheep

“I would recommend Anna Martin Designs to anyone.  Anna did an incredible job on my website. She was organized, creative and receptive to my input.  She was also knowledgeable, very diligent in providing me with regular updates on my website.  Best of all, she respected my deadline and was able to provide prompt service.”

– Steven, Pro Finish Exteriors

“Prompt responses and very creative design. We had some things in mind, but we discarded them once she provided her thoughts. Overall, we were very satisfied.”

– Matt, RISE

“Anna is not only professional but her work is excellent. Anna always went above and beyond what I asked of her. I would recommend Anna to anyone looking for fair prices, excellent work and attention to detail, and most important to me is that she is a sister in Christ!”

– Clyde, Hope of a Christian

“Anna designed my business cards and Facebook profile and cover photos and I was very happy with her work! She was prompt and professional and I would definitely recommend working with her!”

– Beccy, Sweet River Cakes

“Anna made a logo for my very small business. She was great to work with! I did not have a clear I idea of what I wanted, she was so great in asking questions and coming up with a few ideas for me to choose from! I love her creativity and she has great communication!”

– Sarah, Sewing in the Woods

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JAA Portfolio Business Card
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Portfolio Dunamis Security Business Card
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Start Up Special!

The Start Up Special is available through October 31st and it is designed to save a start-up business or ministry money!

The Start Up Special includes the following services for a total investment of $800.00!

  • Custom Logo ($150 value)
  • Custom Designed Business Cards and 500 printed & shipped ($120 value)
  • 5 page Basic WordPress Website , mobile version and simple page SEO ($625 value)
  • Custom Marketing Graphic ($105 value)

This special saves a start up business or ministry $200!

Contact Me Now For Details!

Custom Logo

A logo is used to identify or “brand” your organization. Anna Martin Designs would be honored to give your organization a visual identity by designing a custom logo for your unique needs.

Business Cards

Business Cards are a very useful marketing tool. They communicate to your prospects shows your commitment to your business or ministry.  It shows your dedication to professionalism and gives them a peace about working with you in the future.

Basic Website

Having a website is necessary in today’s world because everyone goes to the internet for information, and communication is essential. If you don’t have a website, then you are not connecting to as many people as you could be. Websites designed by Anna Martin Designs will help you close the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. I want to help you reach your goals and your dreams.

Marketing Graphic

Graphics help you lead people to your website as well as promote your organization beyond your website. If you have a small business or ministry, most likely you are aware that Facebook can be used as a marketing piece that expands the reach of your website. Continue the branding you worked so hard for by having your Facebook Page Cover designed to match!

A little look into my life and some insight into how I operate.

About Me

Let me start by saying, I love what I do. I love designing, creating, figuring things out, self-teaching and problem solving. All these things have served me well in life, as well as in business. I do not claim to be this “all-knowing web designer or graphic artist”. There is always more to learn. If you want something in particular that I haven’t come across yet, believe me, I will find a way to provide it. I love a good challenge! I can with confidence say that I have a good eye for color and dimensions, and I am creative and inquisitive (my husband would call this trait analytical and untrusting). I love to understand things, figure out the “why”. I like that about me and I think you should too. Anyway, in addition to being design savvy, I have an even bigger heart for serving. Getting the opportunity to design graphics and build websites for businesses and ministries is such a pleasure. My favorite part though, is delivering a product or service that exceeds expectations. I would rather make a difference than make a million. But that is just me.

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About My Services

I offer a variety of Web Design Services for Small Businesses, Ministries and Individuals. Web design services includes creatives, or images that you would see on the Internet. For example, logos and business cards designs, ads for marketing, brochures, rack cards, social media cover photos and other images, and call to action buttons. I also design websites using the very popular WordPress platform. Every business and ministry has different needs, most of which can be met easily by using the CMS WordPress. This also helps with website management. If you feel the need to maintain your website yourself, knowledge can come easy for most computer savvy folks. Although keep in mind that website management by Anna Martin Designs is really affordable, cheap even. I provide a way to take something off your plate so you can focus on what you are good at, and allow me to focus on what I am good at. Win-win.

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Why I Am So Affordable.

First and foremost, I depend on God for everything. He told me what to charge for my services, so that is what I charge. It is His money anyway, so I just trust His provisions will meet the needs of my family and yours.

Second, my goal is to serve small businesses and ministries. Being a small business owner with experience in working with ministries, I know that there may not be a lot of financial resources in the beginning. But having a website is important to growing awareness, growing respect and growing revenue so you can continue to offer your products and services. Therefore, when I see a need, being the server God made me, I want to meet that need.

Having a website designed by Anna Martin Designs will keep more cash in your account, but the quality will not be effected. I want you to have the beautiful, sleek, eye-catching design you want, that makes the connections necessary to reach the goals you have. I also want to provide for my family. So my solution is to keep my prices low to serve you, and keep the quality high to serve my family. I am dependent upon word of mouth referrals. I will do my best not to do you wrong. Do I get along with everyone? Well, no. Some people just cant’t be pleased, and that is coming from a people pleaser.

Another way I keep my costs down is by using the very popular platform WordPress. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) with full customization and user friendly, at least to me. Not everyone is made equal, as far as skills are concerned. There are lots of things I can’t do, just like you. But being a thinker and a problem solver, I am able to find solutions and figure things out. Which is why I love web design and coding. I find it exciting!

Do I offer payment plans?

I sure do offer payment plans! Most design services are broken down into phases. For example, a logo design has 2 Phases. First a deposit is required to start work. Then once a design is chosen, the remaining balance is due just prior to receiving your new logo! Website designs have at least 4 Phases, and payment is due at the completion of certain Phases. If you need a unique payment plans, that can certainly be discussed. I am willing to work with just about any budget.

How long does a custom logo design take?

I like to give myself 10 days of relaxed design time to submit the first round of logo drafts. I usually don’t work on your logo that full ten days, but I use that time to let the ideas flow (there is usually an abundance of ideas), then I let the designs I have completed scroll through like a slideshow until I settle on the ones I thing you would like. It is such a big decision, deciding on the identity of your small business, that I do not like to rush the process. If you can provide an example, like a drawing, of the logo you want, the process takes a lot less time than if you have no idea. Then I take your comments and do whatever is necessary and submit more designs. We will continue this process until you have the logo you love. I do not limit the revisions or the amount of time it takes and I will do my best to pick your brain so the custom logo design process is pleasant.

How long will a website take to design?

What a great question! Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable providing a direct answer until I compare your desires and needs with what I am currently working on. I strive to live an honest life, therefore, one answer will not fit everyone. But, to satisfy your curiosity a little, it has been my experience that a basic website can take 3 to 6 weeks assuming you have a good idea of what you want, have content written and have funds available. A e-commerce website or a website with special login features, could take 12 weeks. That may seem like a long time, but it is important to get things right the first time. It saves you both time and money. My advice to you is to plan accordingly and be up front with your time constraints. I will work with you to meet the goals you express to me as best as I can.

What can you expect from me?

Hard work. A Partner. Determination to see you succeed. I want to be a part of your story. I want the opportunity to pray for you and to help you dream big. I want you to thank I am a gift to you, from the good Lord above and I want you to be grateful to work with me. I can’t expect you to believe all that unless I work hard, work creatively, give you ideas to make your goals a little bit closer, and provide creative ways for you to connect with others. Think of me as a silent partner, encouraging you, believing in you and helping you find your way.

What I expect from you. Yes, you.

When you partner with Anna Martin Designs to invest in your small business or ministry, you will get a high quality product at a very low cost. In order for me to continue to keep the costs down for you, I need my time to be respected. That means I expect you to be on the ball with providing accurate content and design preferences. This will save us both time and energy if you have some ideas before I start designing. If necessary, I will help you decide what you like as far as colors, typography, and layout are concerned. If you communicate your vision effectively, I am confident in my ability to produce something you like very quickly. Although, if you are indecisive and change your mind often, it could hold up the project and cost you more money. Trust me, I am fine with that, and my family’s bellies will thank you. But I do not believe your intentions at the starting line is to double your investment because you could not make a decision. I depend on the information you give me and at the same time, you need to respect me as the designer and trust that I know my field of business like I trust you know yours. We can do anything through Christ who strengthens us.

In addition., I except you to provide the written content for your website. Let me be extremely upfront here. I can guarantee that if you have a special skill, I do not know what you do and how you do it. I will not be able to write content for you. It is your profession and you should be able to explain what you do, why you do it, why you are better than your competitors, and so on. It is silly to think I can do that for you. You will just end up disappointed.

And finally, I expect you to make payments on time. The contract includes a schedule with projected dates for completing each phase. I do my best to match the schedule exactly, assuming you have provided the necessary information by your deadlines. When you pay your deposit, you agree to the schedule and therefore agree to make payments on the projected date. If you know you can’t make the payments, then have me adjust the schedule before our partnership begins. I want you to be successful and keep as much funds as possible at your disposal. That is important for a small business. I offer payment plans for this exact reason. But I feel I must remind you that this is also my business and my income pays my bills just like your income pays yours.

Ok, that was pretty painful for me to type, but it will certainly help our partnership be a smooth one. Thanks!


I am always looking for new clients to bless! Connecting with me is simple. Just complete the form below and let me know a little bit about the project you need help with. It would also be great if you could include your timeline for needing the project completed, as well as the best time to reach you. I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve you soon!

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